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[201402 Nylon] Hong Jong Hyun – Eyes On Him – Interview



There are two ways to look at Hong Jong Hyun. The powerful star model, the new star actor who comes and goes between TV and the big screen.

People remember “Hong Jong Hyun” for fashion programs more than for my films or dramas. “Petorialist” and “Style Log” which ended recently are on everyone’s lips. I often heard that my dog Heron (sp?) and I look alike. I think my next project will be a drama. I hope the audience will remember me through this drama.

It’s surprising how people are often mistaken about me. It’s really great that they think of me as someone outgoing. In real life, I’m awfully shy around strangers, so I don’t easily get close to people I meet for the first time. When people work on TV programs, the introvert usually become extrovert, in my case, I feel like I’ve become even quieter. It’s because of the stress, maybe? That’s why I found that one thing I can focus on. When I work out to the point to sweat like crazy sometimes, I get no miscellaneous thoughts.

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aayan1120 | Aaron’s Instagram Update; 05/03

七點起床 八點出門 九點健身房 十點半出發拍戲 我做給你們看 你真的夠努力了嗎?試著充實每天吧!時間是可以被規劃被善用的!#keep #fighting

“Wake up at 7, leave the house at 8, gym at 9, heads to filming at 10:30. I’m doing this for you all to see, are you really working hard enough? Try enriching your everyday lives! Time can be used wisely! #keep #fighting”

FILWM’s Fb Update : “Only on the holiday~ Treats for all)))))))) Six packs entering the scene, everyone look!”


FILWM’s Fb Update : “Only on the holiday~ Treats for all)))))))) Six packs entering the scene, everyone look!”

"選擇社區運動中心 因為它很方便也很便宜 說真的運動是為自己好 不是為了比誰舉得重 這就失去了意義而且也很白癡,不過這也只能歸咎我們的教育只狹隘的要我們和自己人比較,殊不知這世界還有幾億人口,卻在爭幾十個人的第一名,哈。"

Aaron’s FB Update : “Choose an exercising centre near the community, because its convenient and cheap. To be honest, exercising is for your own good not for competing on weights….

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He talked about chinese new year


This episode was just full of intimate moments.

They’re so cute omg. 

Her typing her shoe, when she tried grabbing her/his watch after the first payment, in the prop house, during breakfast and on her way home. 

Then you have the preview for next weeks damn episode when he gets sick and omg THE FEELS. He was just like why do you care so much about me? and she’s just there and she like “Because… you mean a lot to me.” Aaron literally kills me with his character. 

The important thing in life is not the position you are in, but the direction you are going.

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